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Helping Hands

Become a Partner

The word "partnership" is derived from the Latin word for "portion." In partnership, we share a portion with each other. Supporting our ministry allows each of us to achieve a shared, mutually desired vision that cannot be reached by either of us alone. It creates a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of  Jesus' name, beyond the city walls.



Planting Partner

As a Planting Partner you support the sustainability of our rental and facilities management through helping us pay our monthly fees.   

1. Rental

2. Storage

3. Parking

4. Hospitality Ministry

5. Building Fund


Passion Partner

As a Passion Partner you support the ministry with the purchase of principle items needed to expand the ministry:

1. Portable Trailer 

2. Portable TV and Projector

3. Portable Furniture 

Image by Joel Muniz


Project Partner

As a Project Partner you support our external programs for the community outreach:

1. Educational & Career Enrichment

2. D-Street Food Outreach

3. Empowerment Breakfast 

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